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NHR are a world-class civil engineering and construction management organisation. We create and care for essential assets, such as houses, hospitals, schools, highways, utility systems and structures.

At NHR we are passionate about construction and our aim is to deliver top-class services to all our clients, through our experience, commitment and professional attitude. NHR people have an excellent record in creating valuable solutions for the construction industry.


We are very focused in delivering all our projects within set time, budget and quality. We take the time to discuss with clients their needs and requirements at the beginning of each commission and review them throughout the project.

We strive to achieve project’s successful delivery and obtain best value for our customers. Our aim is to grow our business and continue providing high quality services to clients, with due respect for people’s health and safety and our environment.


We are specialized in creating custom-designed tools and structures that allow you to perform installation projects safely and on time. You can regard NHR as your problem solver. The reliable partner that creates functional and creative solutions, no matter what the time frame is, or the complexity of the challenge. Our goal is to reinforce your project team’s capabilities and complement them where required, so we can together achieve a successful project execution.

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